Primary Role: Lead Producer, Environment Artist, File Format Programmer
Development: September 2008 - November 2009
Information: Attack of the 50ft Robot! -
Download: Final Release Version
Engine: Custom
Platforms: PC

One of two projects as acting Lead Producer during my junior year at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Responsibilities included maintaining the current schedules of both projects; maintaining the current list of tasks; coordinating meetings between programmers and artists; coordinating meetings with faculty; coordinating milestone builds; preparing and giving milestone presentations; maintaining the games’ bug logs.

As a programmer, I architected a custom file package format used to package and encrypt all assets used in the game project. I was also responsible for the final level design, including layout and environment art, and objective flow of the level.

Attack of the 50ft Robot! is an action game that takes place in a 1950s inspired B movie set. We give the player the freedom to destroy pretty much everything on this set, all the while completing a series of destruction based objectives that lead up to the big monster fight finale.

Anaglyph 3D Demo