Primary Role: Lead Gameplay Programmer
Development: Dec 2019 - Jun 2023
Website: High on Life Website
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platforms: Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Multi-role programmer for the High on Life project throughout different phases of development.

From December 2019 - December 2021 I was a senior gameplay programmer with a particular focus on the player. Some of the core systems I worked on included:

  • Player traversal systems, including some unique mechanics built around zip lining, wall running, dashing, and sliding.
  • Creation and maintenance of a modular inventory system to support an array of unique gun designs for both the player and non-player characters.
  • Player input systems, with a particular focus on aim assist systems for the gamepad experience (adhesion, friction, aim correction, etc).
  • Extension to the engine's underlying input system to support new features such as multi-tap inputs, multi-button inputs, conditional inputs, and easily rebindable inputs.

Starting in December 2021 and continuing until February 2023, I took over the role of lead gameplay programmer. In addition to gaining managerial responsibilities for the wider gameplay programming team, I also shifted my day to day focus more towards performance an optimization.

In February 2023 until my departure from Squanch, I shifted into the role of Lead Tech Engineer with a focus on both porting High on Life to the PlayStation platforms as well as starting to look forward to what technology the studio would be on for their next project. This included R&D focused around comparing UE4 and UE5 and what the transition would be like for a studio of Squanch's size given their large amount of experience on late versions of Unreal Engine 4.