Primary Role: Lead Gameplay Programmer
Development: October 2018 - Present
Website: Maneater Website
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platforms: Windows

Lead gameplay programmer for Maneater after it was brought in-house by Tripwire Interactive. Responsibilities include:

  • Manager for the gameplay programming team consisting of both in-house and contracted programmers.
  • Led refactor and game thread optimization efforts for gameplay-systems
  • Primary developer on systems controlling AI spawning and despawning using an open world-focused system.
    • Volume-based approach for easier layout work for level designers
    • Multiple types of spawn location layout within a volume including basic grid, ground + sea layer, or ground layer made of first blocking hit
    • Runtime filtering of active valid spawn locations based on designer-set priority and distances
    • Conditional spawning support using simple Blueprint class implementations
    • Runtime performance optimizations using the UE4 significance manager system as well as performance bucket-based limits on active AI